Transition Words

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Transition Words

Transitions are words or phrases that connect one idea to another idea.

They create a flow by improving the connections between thoughts and indicating relations within a sentence, paragraph or paper.

In this lesson, we’ll look at the use of transitions,

-To add information

-To show a contrast

-To get to a conclusion

There are many transition words in English but we’ll look at the most common ones for each use.

Adding information:


In addition (to),…


Showing a contrast:

On the contrary,…


On one hand,….On the other hand,…

Reaching a conclusion:


As a result,…

Then,… (informal)

A: It’s cold outside.

B: Then, take a coat. (Take a coat, then)

Now… read the short paragraph given in the next slide and fill in the blanks with the transition words we’ve learned in this lesson. Remember, more than one answer may be correct.

Homeschooling is an alternative education model that many families find to be more satisfactory than institutional schooling.  ______, there are also many families who find homeschooling to be more trouble than it is worth.  ______ homeschooling allows parents to be much more involved in their children’s education, with parents often even taking on the role of educator.  ______, opponents worry that homeschooling may present fewer opportunities for children to become adequately socialized and accustomed to functioning alongside different kinds of people.  ______, opponents claim, homeschooling can be less predictable in preparing children to achieve academic milestones at the same general rate as their institutionally-schooled peers.  Still, believers in homeschooling claim that the flexibility offered by allowing students to progress academically at their own pace encourages maturity and results in higher standardized test scores on average.  ______, the arguments for and against homeschooling are fairly equally stacked, and it is simply a matter of what is a good fit for each individual family.



1. However/On the contrary

2. On one hand

3. On the other hand

4. Moreoever/Furthermore/In addition

5. Therefore