Sounding easy going

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Sounding easy going

Opening sentence”

Regular expressions Easy going expressions

Do you have a minute? Got a minute?

Hey! Got a minute? Come over here.

Gotta minute? I want to show you something cool.

Would you mind… Do me a favor, would you?

Do me a favor, would you? Can you pick up some bread on your way home?

Do me a favour will ya, stop talking so much!

You should/have to …. You gotta….

You look bad man. You gotta go to the doctor.

We’ve gotta go to the party, everyone will be there.

That’s wonderful. Oh my god! That's great!

That’s good news. That's so cool! 

Hey! That's great news.

Hey, guess what! I just got accepted to university.

Oh my god! That’s so cool!

Do you want to … ? Do you wanna … ?

What are you up to? Do you wanna hang out tonight?

Do you wanna catch a film?

Do ya wanna a burger?

Do you wanna cup of coffee?


Catch you later.

See you guys later.

I’m outta here. (I’m out of here.)

I’ve got stuff to do. See you guys later.

It’s getting late. I’m outta here.