Sounding Intellectual

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Sounding Intellectual

When someone constantly uses the filler word "like," you probably think they don't sound so smart…..In order to sound more intellectual we can use discourse markers; these are words or expressions that show us a speaker's attitude to what she is saying.

interested in.. 

Personally, I have always been… opposed to..

in agreement with..

Personally I have always been opposed to the concept of the government controlling the media.

Speaking in terms of… =about 

In terms of … 

In relation to… 

Speaking in terms of income, mine is substantial.

You can rest assured that… = you can be sure that

You can rest assured that a solution will be found.

Given the importance of… = it is important

Given the importance of good relations in international politics you wonder what he was thinking when he made the statement.

In some way/shape/form =somehow

In some way, we will find a sustainable form of energy.

If we draw a parallel between = to compare two things.

If we draw a parallel between those that know English and those that don’t, the former have access to considerable more research within their field. 

Given the right circumstances = if the conditions are right 

Given the right circumstances the economy will thrive.

Such is the complexity of the issue, that… = the issue is complex

Such is the complexity of the issue, thatI can’t think of a single strategy to solve the problem.