Informal Language

  • Çeviri
  • Ekstralar

Informal language, colloquial expressions, slang

Let’s look at common expressions that you’ll hear in everyday conversation.

awesome!: great, fantastic, super

What an awesome song!

booze: alcohol

Let’s buy some booze and take it back to my place.

chill out: relax 

"Chill out! Why are you so upset about this?

cop: police officer

There are too many cops here, let’s leave.

cool: nice, great, impressive  

There’s a really cool cafe on 52ndstreet do you want to check it out?

dead: empty OR extremely 

This bar is dead, let’s go somewhere else.

I’m dead tired. I’ve been travelling all day.

gig : concert

The Rolling Stones is doing a gig next week.

no sweat: no problem

I broke your plate. No sweat, I can get another one.

a piece of cake: very easy 

That exam was a piece of cake.

to be short on cash: to not have too much money  

I'm a little short on cash. Can you lend me some?

24/7 (twenty four seven): non-stop, around the clock. Open all hours.

That supermarket is open 24/7. It never closes.