Character Traits 4

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Character Traits 4

In this lesson, we’ll look at some personal traits that are considered as negative:

(Instructor explains the meaning of each..they are written on the board)

Bad-mannered: terbiyesiz

Stubborn: inatçı

grumpy: huysuz

Greedy: açgözlü

Bossy: patronluk taslayan

Self-centered: bencil

Take a few moments to memorize their meanings. Then, answer the questions in the next slide. 

Write down the suitable character traits based on the actions performed.

1. Jane always tells her friends what to do. She never listens to their opinions.

2. I always end up ordering more than I can eat.

3. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make her happy. She always has something to complain about.

4. It’s not easy to convince Tom of something.

5. He doesn’t care about me. All he’s concerned of is his own interests.

6. My friend’s behavior embarrasses me in public.



1. Bossy

2. Greedy

3. grumpy

4. Stubborn

5. Self-centered

6. bad-mannered