Character Traits 3

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Character Traits 3

a short personality test to learn certain adjectives…

Take a few moments and answer the questions in the next slide as yes or no.

Jennie won’t read the questions!

1. Is it important for you to be successful at whatever you do?

2. Are you usually in a good mood?

3. Do you like being around people?

4. Do you think the future will be good?

5. Can you keep calm when you have to wait for something or someone?

6. Do you always tell the truth?

Let’s analyze…


If you answered yes, you are ambitious, which means “…”. If you answered no you are unambitious, etc…

Yes No

1. ambitious unambitious

2. cheerful moody

3. sociable loner

4. optimistic pessimistic

5. patient impatient

6. honest dishonest